Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Start Another Story

     I had given up the hope that I'd ever find someone worthwhile of my affection. It seemed to me that no matter how many people I met, no one interested me. I felt hopeless but reassured myself that someone I could like would come to me if I was patient. And then I met you.
     It was a Friday night. I walked into my friends house and was greeted by a group of familiar faces. There were a few people there that I didn't know, you being one of them. We introduced ourselves briefly and that was all. You went somewhere else as I effusively greeted my friends. It wasn't until later that I began to realize your lingering gazes. They made me shiver with delight and satisfaction. But I didn't think anything of it, aside from the fact that I had somehow caught your attention.
     A few of us were outside in the small but lovely backyard, standing around a table donned with plastic cups. You were next to me and offered to be my partner for the game. I accepted. And this is when I began to see what was so obscure to me at the beginning of the night. You kept leaning into me and whispering tips and strategies into my ear. Your fingers lingered on mine when handing me the ping pong ball. I noticed in your voice a gentle softness that I have never come across in a man. I stole quick glances at you throughout the rest of the game and began to feel the blossoming of a great tenderness within my breast. I felt the impulse to reach out and touch you, just to reassure that you were real, that this wasn't some fictitious illusion. For so long I have been deceived by the facades of other men. But for once, I felt like I had met someone who was the same person inside and out. 
     I haven't seen you since that fateful night, yet the memory of you continues to haunt me. Such a thing has never happened to me before; I would be a fool not to pursue it.

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