Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Can't Be Erased

     You are infatuated with me. And I used to think I felt the same about you, but now it's hard to decipher my true emotions. I feel torn. Being with you only reminds me of my bitter past: the heartache, the melancholy, and the disappointment. I used to be idealistic about relationships; I used to be overwhelmed by the beauty of a specific person or the prospect of being mutually affectionate. But I am no longer that foolish, optimistic girl. Badly bruised, I have become more cynical than I already am. I have little hope for the future of my love life, which lies on the floor in shambles.  
     I wish I could exclude you from this curse of mine but I can't. Although you seem different, I thought the same thing about the last boy. And in the end, I realized I was terribly wrong. I don't want to be wrong about you. But I don't want to get hurt. I don't think I could bear another failed relationship. 
In short, I'm afraid. 

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