Thursday, October 18, 2012

Queen of the Damned

     I wish I could write something meaningful, profound; something that no one has ever written before. But whenever I sit down with my pen and paper, I have nothing to say. My page remains blank and I am left frustrated and hopeless. What is this writers block that plagues me? It's not just my tongue that is dry but also my mind. There is nothing there worth documenting. My thoughts are mundane and superficial; I no longer dwell on the ineffable or the cerebral. My vocabulary is obsolete. I've already used all the words I know. Nothing I produce is new or fresh, just redundant. Redundant ideas, subjects, and language. Redundant, redundant, redundant.

In other words, at least I've been prolifically taking pictures. This is a more recent shoot, entitled "Queen of the Damned", model being Joy Risk, and makeup artist being Raleigh Hopper.