Thursday, March 29, 2012

Salto Angel

          I am dead in a world blooming with life. My skeleton is amongst a meadow of newborn buds. I am suspended in a realm separate from reality yet still within it. Time slips from my fingertips and I watch opportunity fade with indifference. I no longer care what happens anymore; I have no motivation to alter any part of my life. Not because I'm content with how it is, but because I'm too tired. My perception is hazy and all the substance of my being has dispersed. Anticipation for Paris, the approach of summer, and all the opportunities that exist everyday are not enough to pull me out of this comatose state. 
          I cut off all my hair in the hopes that I would feel something. Each time I brought the scissors to my head, more hair would gather on my bedroom floor. I stared at my reflection as I did it, hoping that I would detect a flinch of fear or a hesitant sigh. It would have been enough to stop me, for it would have proven that I am not utterly devoid of emotion. The sight of my severed locks evoked nothing in me except a feeling of renewal. I realized it was a moment of liberation, for my hair represented everything I had lost in the past week. Now that it was gone, I could focus on more important things like my poetry and art. This year is supposed to be my Renaissance era. Yet I'm still empty. 



  1. What a beautiful blog. J'adore

    Lets follow each others?


  2. This is amazing writing!!! I love what you said about ; not that your happy in the place that you are but your just plain tired, this post reminds me of my last post in which I talked about being alone as not a bad thing but a more profound get to know yourself. Amazing!! Love this post so much depth!♥

  3. You write so so beautifully - whenever I visit your blog, I always feel inspired to do something, whether it be photography or writing. I think that you have so much creative talent but I can relate to how stifling life can be sometimes - I too find it frustrating.

  4. You write so beautifully, your pictures also beautiful. Just reading your blog sends me into an hypnotic state, your so creative!
    Keep your imagination flowing, your blog has genuinely brightened up my day.

    Love Becky xxx