Thursday, September 20, 2012


     It was so thrilling to think that we shared something unbeknownst to the masses; for when we saw each other in a public place, we were merely friends. Yet behind closed doors, a torrid affair was rapidly commencing. Our relationship was ours and no one else's; no one had the power to take it away from us. No one would question it because no one would know. The fact that it was hidden from suspicious and prowling eyes made it all the better. The clandestine nature of our relations made it all the more exciting. 
     I believe that I will always remember the night it first started. We were sitting in my room, just us, and your body was close to mine but not uncomfortably near. And then you scooted closer and brought your lips to mine and there was little distance between our faces, even when we stopped kissing to talk. And as I ran my fingers through your thick hair and rested my arms on your shoulders, you told me you weren't capable of having a serious relationship. I said I wasn't either. You said you were emotionally drained from a nine month relationship that had ended tragically. I said my horrid experience with a idiotic boy caused me to crave casual instead of serious. It's as if our thoughts were adjacent; we were going in the same direction from the beginning.
     There were many other moments like this too. Moments that were sexually satisfying but really meant nothing at all. I'm not saying I regret them; they were fun, exhilarating, and rebellious. We were the quintessential lust-driven teenagers.   We would stay out late, lie to our parents and friends, kiss in the dark, and smoke cigarettes. We had to rely on nature to provide us with privacy yet we didn't mind. We just accepted that this was the way it was. 
    Four months have passed since that one fateful night in my bedroom; yet things have remained the same. I know more about you now than I did before - your dreams, your past, your personality. And I'm sure you have a better idea of what I'm all about. But there is no progression, no growth. Yet why does this disappoint me? Our relationship was established based on the pretenses that there would be no emotional attachments. And I'm starting to realize that I desire this, just not with you.
     I'm sorry. I think this is going to have to end soon. 

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