Monday, December 17, 2012


    How is it that my affection - once so arduous and consuming - has completely dissipated in one night? I had been waiting to see him for three weeks. Three tortuous weeks in which I've spent experiencing a myriad of emotions: sadness, hopelessness, and grief. I have been harrowed by the thought of him; of his bronze skin, his lovely laugh, and tender touch. I had so much anticipation for our next clandestine meeting. 
    When I finally saw him, he had looked the same as before. No incandescent mandorla encircled him. Nothing about him indicated the brilliant radiance I had imagined exuding from his skin in my dreams. It simply wasn't there. And once we had performed our duties, we parted ways and I was left feeling strangely whole and enlightened. As I watched the eerie darkness swallow his silhouette, I realized he meant nothing to me. Nothing at all. 
    Three weeks I was convinced that I was hopelessly infatuated with him. And suddenly the tears, the fear of losing him, the salacity, and passionate affection deliquesced in a mere hour, almost as if it never existed. 

(Also, here is my most recent shoot with the lovely Joy.)


  1. these photos are just gorgeous! so mysterious and beautiful at the same time!

  2. Wow!! I love the lips and its genius to have this collection of clothing near the beach!!!
    I really love this post, it looks well put but also very flowy, awesome!!♥♥

  3. Such lovely photographs and your writing is very beautiful as well!